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The Quad-Pod Gun is Essentially Guaranteed Death in a Small Container

Published on 23 Nov 2022 / In Film & Animation

This is some serious gun power right here..... Nothing is escaping this gun......

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bigintol03 10 months ago

That was hard-on inspiring!

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Ongshanks 10 months ago

The terminators from movies got nothing on this pod.

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I don't know what the guns are set to fire at - but I assume that because it's for close in missile self defence for a ship or something, it's probably 3600 rounds per minute, per gun x 4 = 14,400 rounds a minute.... It might be a 0.308 sized round or there abouts, or it might be 0.500 round, or even 20 mm - and as such the rate of fire might slow down for the larger rounds... Regardless.... a minute of firing = many life times of reloads for the bolt action hunting rifle....

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