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The POWER GRID Collapse | What the Media ISN'T Telling You!!

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Published on 10 Jul 2021 / In Film & Animation

The Elite are preparing for GLOBAL Blackouts... Add me on insta @ThisisJohnWilliams

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This week is Cyber Polygon where they discuss some risks that we could all be facing with our power grid. These are some of the smartest and wealthiest people on the planet and seem to have good foresight one could say. If what they are worried about becomes our reality we could see food shortages, real estate prices plummet, stock prices plummet and the overall economy collapse before us. The collapse of the economy would be unlike anything that we have ever seen. We would see crypto currency lose all of its consumer confidence (or just about that). Imagine how valuable crypto would be in those types of times where you could not access the digital assets and could not sell them.. Even if this happened just for a few days, we would see a majority of holders begin to sell off.

Get ready for something big, because I think something big could be happening very soon. This will a complete shift in the way that we see the world and how business as a whole is done. This will likely leave a majority of people behind in the dust.

Do you think that this will happen and that we will see a catastrophic event unfold in front of us? Do you think we will see the economy collapse and the power grid fail? Do you think that if this did happen that we would all be fighting for a more viable solution that could last longer that would be better for the environment?

What are your thoughts on all of this?

Drop your comments below on how you think that the economy, business, real estate, commerce, stocks, crypto and more would manage in this type of situation.

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KEEPER 3 months ago

prepare for a event that they will likely be the cause of.

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sithsith 3 months ago

If the power grid goes down, survive bros dont get killed by the starving mobs.

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eldrazi317 3 months ago

Learning to survive out in the rural areas would areas would be a must then. As the cities will be a death pit.

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eldrazi317 3 months ago

This is a very important question to answer. Although it does remind me of what my friend told me— supposedly Honda sells some good portable generators for up to $5k. While pricy in such a situation it would be a must.

Also realize if your the only one with power— the many will try to take it from you.

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