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The Only Time You’re Allowed to Motorboat the Sergeant’s Wife | Grunt Speak

Published on 05 May 2023 / In Comedy

Long time viewer Stag tells the story of how one pair of “shatterproof” sunglasses became a running gag on the thin blue line.
#TerrencePopp #Pranks #PoliceShenanigans

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QDLLC 24 days ago

I wish I was able to take “practical jokes” better than I do. My issue? A life of mental and emotional abuse growing up. Often the abuser (one being my father) would excuse their abuse by saying it was “all in fun.” I didn’t grow up with a healthy understanding of when something was a legitimate practical joke and when it was abuse…especially if done by a person I hardly knew such as a coworker as compared to a close friend. I’m a little better now and have learned to largely not give a fuck, but it’s still a mine field for me to deduce if something is done as a joke or out of malice.

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GenericAvatar 25 days ago

@TerrancePopp CoachRedPill (Gonzalo Lira) seems to have been nabbed by the Ukrainian SBU (Gestappo) again.

The source post is by one of his haters, so the replies are not worth reading. They are very petty and vindictive. https://twitter.com/PStyle0ne1..../status/165447733508

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hqwebsite 25 days ago

A nice departure from the military jokes. Thanks Stag

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