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The Myth Of Male Power By Warren Farrell Part 2

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Published on 06 Feb 2021 / In Film & Animation

#Manhood #Masculintiy #Rights

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mrghoster 3 months ago

Nearly everything you can think of in daily life, say like car's building's anything designed or crafted, it was PROBABLY designed and created by the MALE of the species? It may be said among both male and female feminist that MEN have no power today. well! just leave a guy on his own for long enough with a box of junk and a couple of tools and HE WILL empower himself. this is happening in the RED PILL and MGTOW. women think they have succeeded in power because they have driven MEN away so they feel empowered because they don't need a MAN, that is until "They need a MAN"! lol!

One of my empowerments as a MAN thanks to feminism may I add, is NOT to need a female anymore. As a MGTOW Monk I am totally "Indifferent" to women and that gives ME power and plenty of it over what I do for myself. No validation or praise or anything else needs to be a part of that Empowerment in anyway, as i do what I do for "ME"!

As the old world crumbles under hatred and negativity, million's of MEN are rebuilding their own lifestyles. Far better than before because there is no distraction or guilt created by a female nuisance being present. It is possible to get over the urge for PUSSY. It isn't actually the GASH that is repulsive? It is everything attached to it especially Mentally with all the shit test's Manipulation and deceit. when you think of PUSSY really think of these other things and you WILL soon be free from the GASH! lol! "AND THAT IS REAL MALE POWER"

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