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The Morning Constitutional: 9/9/2021

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Published on 10 Sep 2021 / In News & Politics

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If you registered with Matrix.org, consider creating a new
account. Matrix.org accounts are the most likely to be censored. They also
record you IP address and personal information for 7 years.

Here is a list of different mainstream servers you can
register on: https://publiclist.anchel.nl/ from which you can click the
"client" hyperlink to register there, but below are recommended
servers you should consider as opposed to Matrix.org.

Here is a list of based servers that are banned from
Matrix.org: https://glowers.club/wiki/doku.....php?id=wiki:homeser where you
can click the hyperlink to open an account there and avoid censorship.

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Raoulduke 2 years ago

Tfm i hope you read this.
What if all those stimulus, all those printed money is the final stand of what you call the cathedrale's agenda.
What if something way worse happends during the next couple of years ? What if we have, i don't know, a big drop of population ? Du to let's say the vaxx they are so eager to give you ?
We are in the end game and that would gave an explanation for all that printing madness.
Miles Kowk speaks about it in china and is like a big figure in the financial world.
What do you think ?

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Darthtickles 2 years ago


really good advice from kuroi

youre not really 'addicted' to video games, youre not even really addicted to marijuana. these are just lifestyle or routine choices that you want to change

this effort to alter your behavior never ends. you will be doing this mental inventory, 2 steps back, 3 steps forward dance until the day you die. eventually you will have an excellent feel for your personality and limitations, and you will get more comfortable with this constant push and pull instead of feeling like youre fighting for your life when you start

best of luck bois, one day at a time. it only gets easier

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Darthtickles 2 years ago


weed is very easy to quit

the hardest part is you will need to ditch all your loser pothead friends, but youll be better for that anyway

as with anything, you should generally aim for 'cold turkey', but theres no need to freakout over slip ups. eventually you will be able to enjoy a joint here and there without worrying about a 'relapse' (lol) because the addiction is incredibly weak. however, i personally find i dont even want to because i dont want to make myself tired, stupid and hungry

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Darthtickles 2 years ago


yes, if you have already had covid, there is no reason to get the vaccine unless you are immunocompromised

the vaccine does offer added protection, but reinfection rates are vanishingly small and reinfection severity is dramatically reduced

getting the vaccine after infection is like wearing a bike helmet in the shower levels of probability

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Darthtickles 2 years ago


sweden is proof of the efficacy of herd immunity. fuck india

right from the very start we should have protected the vulnerable and let everyone else just get it

instead we locked healthy people in their homes and forced vulnerable people to brave the grocery store or sit in some old folks home death camp

i had little faith in general intelligence before covid, now i have none

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