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The Morning Constitutional: 8/19/2021

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T F Monkey
T F Monkey
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Published on 20 Aug 2021 / In News & Politics

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SolidSnake33 1 year ago

I make no light out of the desperation of humans to be saved clinging on to fighter plane wings unless they were commies; if they were commies 100% would fap.

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Chronoless 1 year ago

When it comes to having to die, woman will not do anything. They will talk big on camera in hopes that white knights will fight for them, they are the the right, all show and no action. lmao

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Jazzipan 1 year ago

TFM: Take women's rights away!
Western world: No way!!
Taliban: That's a good idea. Thanks TFM...

   2    0
TheyCallMeUh 1 year ago

Hey TFM. The reason why they want mandatory vaccines is the same reason why Hitler would've wanted them. You don't need concentration camps, an army, or guns if you can just vaccinate the targeted population and give everyone else a placebo. Year round -insert scary infection here- means year round culling potential.

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Darthtickles 1 year ago

right. i dont think people realize the severity of mandatory government injections. that shit is cartoonishly dystopian, like something out of a cheesy anime. it is an immense degree of power that cannot remotely be justified by a really bad cold season

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SolidSnake33 1 year ago

@Darthtickles: The people demanded government intervention into healthcare and now they're resentful of government intervention into healthcare.

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Shrapnel_Cannon 1 year ago

Wrong about how people would not get ear piercings if life threatening. People still do circumcisions, and those kill hundreds of babies every year, despite the fact that you have no control over whether or not it's going to kill them. Furthermore, it's extremely bad for your penis and extremely painful even in hospitals. People are retarded and mutilate their bodies and their children's bodies. The only thing that determines if someone does these things is if it helps them feel like they are fitting in.

   1    1
OmegaMan99 1 year ago

The whole anti-circumcision thing smacks of anti-Semitism to me. Otherwise, what the fuck does it matter to you? You don't like it, don't do it..

   0    2
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