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The Morning Constitutional: 7/13/2022

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T F Monkey
T F Monkey
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Published on 13 Jul 2022 / In News & Politics

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SolidSnake33 2 months ago

Ruth's Chris's doll pussy superior to Golden Corral meat bag unwashed pussy.

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SolidSnake33 2 months ago

1h52min46sec. @WMHarrison94 Take out Black Rock and Vanguard to achieve true economic freedom?
The World Economic Forum I get but, individual investment firms? How does that help anybody?
When you theoretically take out Vanguard and Black Rock what type or kind of freedom would be achieved then?

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Cohaagen 2 months ago

1:25:15 I agree with TFM and Halsey. Democrats have moved to a new strategy. They pump up the wackos running in Republican primaries so the Dem can win the general election. It failed in Colorado but worked in Maryland & Pennsylvania. Tim Pool just did a video on it. Don't bother watching his super long video, Tim takes 30 minutes to say Democrats run "attack' ads that look like pro-republican-wacko ads.

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nyboby 2 months ago

If Biden is a puppet emperor, then I wonder if the devil is a puppet emperor for God. ?.

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OmegaMan99 2 months ago

There is no virtue without temptation. That's the Devil's part to play. Ultimately, everything serves God's will. Good and bad.

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ImhereforTFM 3 months ago

2:15:25 you aren't really right about this they only paid a portion of what was demanded and then they stopped. Whoever is interested I recommend a series made by Tik named bankwars about the weimar republic https://www.youtube.com/watch?....v=YygQ0Wq0wDA&li

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