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The Morning Constitutional: 6/24/2021

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Published on 25 Jun 2021 / In News & Politics

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Darthtickles 3 years ago


is this the road to hyperinflation? yes

will we stay on the road to hyperinflation? highly unlikely

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Darthtickles 3 years ago


most of the modern historical divide in ireland is because of the ulster colonization starting in the early 1600s, who were mostly scottish protestants

so not accurate to say that they are 'all irish'

that said, from a grander historical perspective there were so many migration waves and intercultural exchanges both within the british isles and with groups from outside, that the idea of a pure irish, scot, brit or welshman are all equally farcical

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Darthtickles 3 years ago


gonna go with the halsman on this one

mcafee probably just offed himself

epstein was a dangerous motherfucker. no doubt they offed him. mcafee was just a clown

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AlucardBG93 3 years ago

I think you are underestimating the covid mortality but your overall point is correct. My country of Bulgaria got a massive wave in november 2020 and one in march 2021 and we achived total heard immunity. No one is dieing from covid anymore. Over the last 2 decades the total number of dead(old age, disease, accidents, etc.) has been always around 115k+-3k a year. In 2020 it was 125k and 2021 is on track to be 125k as well. Its pretty much a sure thing covid killed 20k in a country of 7 million. Hardly worth locking the world down. Thats a mortality of a grand total of 0.28% and mostly old people at that. Its much worse than the flu but come on do we really need to lock the economy down for 0.3% mortality.

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sardonicsmile 3 years ago

Q. So wanting to or desiring to give pleasure to a female is an insecurity rooted in seeking validation from females?

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