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The Morning Constitutional: 6/24/2020

T.F. Monkey
T.F. Monkey
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Published on 04 Jul 2020 / In News & Politics

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DutchCobbler 1 month ago

TFM on making examples of women that make false allegations is a bit optimistic about how that plays out. In general, even if an attorney will take a case, the leg work, cost, optics, and bias mean a fair outcome is a slim possibility that won't be based on justice as much as it will be political. The UK exemplifies this more openly than in America, but it's more prevalent here.

For example, that woman that stabbed a man in the face with glass and was sentenced to a "behave yourself" talk from the judge when found guilty. That medical student TFM used to mention quite a bit that tried killing her bf in a drug induced rage that not only got off from the judge that didn't want to ruin her promising career, but she then sued the court for costs.

The same principle applies when seeking damages for wrongful accusations. The idea of men being second class citizens in western society means there is no room for justice at face value anymore. Once in a while a man might find some out there like Trump did with Stormy, but cases of equal justice for men is extraordinarily uncommon, and growing rarer by the year.

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Coldblood6 1 month ago

Great show guys.

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Coldblood6 1 month ago

Just get a doll.

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Mgtownutjob 1 month ago

Tfm I am too dumb to remember what was said first time I watched it lol

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VaperGamer 1 month ago

because the right are pooooosiez...

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DevilGodEmperorYB 1 month ago

OMG Celestina Monkey is now banned on youtube.

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VaperGamer 1 month ago

I'm shocked and amazed...

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