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The Morning Constitutional: 5/19/2021

T.F. Monkey
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Published on 19 May 2021 / In News & Politics

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yomomz 2 months ago

2:26:40 - "Here we are, in the twilight of the republic..."

A minor quibble: I say the republic is already dead. No constitution + no free & fair elections = not a republic.

I don't know what exactly "America" is right now, but it's not a republic anymore. Maybe it's in some form of political limbo.

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Solid Snake
Solid Snake 1 month ago

Understand that I don't state the following in a combative manner at all: the US has essentially been a democracy ever since women were allowed to vote and universal suffrage/abolitionism has been a thing since after the American civil war.

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Solid Snake
Solid Snake 2 months ago

"Climate change" is just a dog whistle for communism.
Equality is what happens when you stupidly empower women. Equality becomes the feel good female imperative for humanity. Equality is also just a dog whistle for communism.

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Turdpool 2 months ago

One of the dumbest things I hear from self proclaimed red pill men is, "Dint try to understand women. Women understand women, and they hate each other."

Anyone who's remotely redpilled, knows that women DO NOT understand women. They do not understand themselves. That's basic surface level stuff.

Also, women love and support each other. Its men that hate each other. That's why we live in the society we do today.

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Turdpool 2 months ago

And it is natural for men to hate each other.

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hqwebsite 2 months ago
Chronoless 2 months ago

yup that's why I stop going to Dlive, why the fuxk would I wanna goto a twitch clone that acts like twitch, but twitch is bigger? I use to only go when I thought they were more flexible than twitch, but once they show they are just "crappy" twitch. I just went back to twitch.

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DarthPennywise 2 months ago

Hydrogen is so fucking explosive that they made NUCLEAR FUCKING WEAPONS with that shit.

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Turdpool 2 months ago

I dont know if you're trolling or not, but hydrogen bombs use fusion, kickstarted by a fission reaction. The temperature created in an exploding hydrogen car can not come close to the temperatures required to fuse hydrogen. When a hydrogen car explodes, oxygen is being bonded to hydrogen, creating water.

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Shrapnel_Cannon 2 months ago

Bet you didn't expect to be redpilled on salted lettuce today.

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selfworthy 2 months ago

Salt on your salad is best. Use Himalayan Mountain Salt, which is rich in minerals your body needs. Because it is grinded from the earth. Industrial sea salt is just the chemical sodium chloride and has mostly less benefits.

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