The Morning Constitutional: 11/27/2019

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Published on 27 Nov 2019 / In News & Politics

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MrA_H0Ie 10 months ago

Start at 137:25 Maybe I can help you out with comfortable pants. Well... Actually I found out about this because I had a serious problem at work with high paced heavy manual labour in a hot work environment. So, I found out that the discomfort, irritation and pain can be avoided by good underwear even if you wear jeans that are hard enough to protect you from some nasty scratches at work. Trust me, I've tried MOST types of underwear there is.

And if you look around on amazon you'll see some quite gay looking underwear I tried, too.

Now I'm back to doing some much more comfortable work, but I still wear the comfortable underwear I found to solve the irritation and pain at my previous job.

It's basically unimportant what kind of pants you wear if you wear this underwear.

There are only two types of designs I found to be good enough, and I only wear the better one now, but my brother likes the other best design. The one my brother likes is Separatec. The one I wear is made by Long Jiang, yup, chinese.

Separatec is 95% bamboo rayon, 5% spandex, designed to look pretty much like usual underwear. If you wear only this, nobody would think you have something unusual on.

Long Jiang is the opposite of that. But IDGAF. I live a monk lifestyle, so no woman will ever see me wearing this. It's the most perfect fit I've found. It's not perfect to wear if I sit for a long time, but no underwear is really perfect for that.
It's 95% cotton, 5% spandex.

The one from Separatec has 2 pouches: 1 for scrotum and 1 for penis with hole entry, next hidden bottom front hole for penis to pull out, penis pouch big enough for upright hidden erection but on both sides anchored to restrict erection that starts from hanging down.

The one from Long Jiang (best fit for a man) 2 pouches: 1 for scrotum and 1 for penis, penis pouch big enough for upright erection, scrotum pouch only a little bit tighter than perfect, no holes, both pouches have the shape of the organs they hold, just like what women had since forever for their breasts.

1st WARNING: they make other VERY similar designs from nearly pure polyester/polyamid, so watch out, that shit is irritating to wear as underpants. It's NOT enough to see the Long Jiang trade name. Look for a white label with material composition usually on the inside back of belt.
2nd WARNING: asian clothing sizes are a lot smaller than you expect, buy the biggest they have.
3rd WARNING: if the link I give you doesn't work and you'll be searching for this stuff you'll see that most designs are made for micro-penises and flee-size testicles.
4rd WARNING: you can only trust the photos. Asians don't give a shit about facts in the description of anything they sell on amazon. They just copy a block of text to fill the page. Description of clothing materials is meaningless to read.

Longjiang makes underwear with a few different designs.
This is the one I wear:

This might be the same design, but I ordered from the UK link above:

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