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The Military is Now Bribing Recruits | Live From The Lair

Published on 24 Mar 2023 / In Comedy

What used to be the most powerful military in the world has become a laughing stock due to bad leadership and wokeism.
#TerrencePopp #WokeArmy #Military

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JustinPeanuts 1 year ago

Western militaries are still heading South. The Western countries will not be able contain or control other countries with their militaries in the future. This will change the entire world.

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sardonicsmile 1 year ago

It is Not what it used to be...

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Calling All Stations

Eerily similar to Stalin's purge of his experienced military personnel right before World War 2. When the fighting started the best strategy his lackeys had was "throw bodies at the front lines." Now our "leaders" are purging the U.S. military with woke garbage. I wouldn't want to be in the ranks if shit kicks off.

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Rickcoona 1 year ago

this reminds me of the 1960's with "Macnamara's Morons" drafting mental defectives to fill the ranks to feed the meatgrinder on Viet Nam

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Straven 1 year ago

The traitors in our country that are trying to start ww3......they start that shit and I'll not be killing anyone but them.

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