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Published on 13 Apr 2021 / In People & Blogs

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Teenage Girls Carjack and Crash Vehicle

Uber Driver Murder: Matthew Fanelli, Sentenced To 30 Years In Prison In Oregon

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video isn't brought to you by any donations well because I didn't get any. If you want to sponsor a video you can do so through the email in the description to Paypal or Subscribestar. Or you can do a coaching call as well. I find that more people are booking those then topics these days. As for today's topic I wanted to cover the tragic story of Mohammed Anwar the Pakistani cab driver who died when two black teenage girls, aged 13 and 15 tried to steal his car by shooting him with a taser gun and when the did he lost control of the car and rolled the vehicle and died inside. The two teenagers reached a plea deal where they won't be held past the age of 21 and won't be place in prison. Of course everyone is pissed off about this in Washington DC and the chief of police appeared to sound insensitive when he said that locking these two murderers away won't bring back Mohammed. Justice had to be done and Rastlin star Chris Jericho took things into his own hands and donated twenty-five hundred dollars to the family and more importantly he helped bring attention to the Anwar families' gofundme campaign and it has raised well over a million dollars. But I'm afraid the damage is done and this case really pisses me off because my father was a cab driver in the 1970s and 1980s and getting robbed was always an issue he spoke about. He didn't wear a watch or jewelry of any kind, not even a wedding ring to ward off would be thieves. He kept two different wads of cash in his pockets. One with twenties, fifties and one hundreds in the back pocket and on in the front with mostly one dollar bills in the middle with a few twenties and fifties on the outside. Cab driving was big business in the 1980s as there were no courier companies back then and you could get fifty bucks at a time for moving packages from one of the Toronto's financial district to another. But he didn't have to worry about his passengers stealing his cab because it was pained up all orange and black with a giant glowing diamond sign on top of it. Today's Uber drivers don't have to worry about being robbed because they generally don't carry money. But now they have to worry about being car jacked by teenage girls. Anyways I'll discuss more in just a moment but let me first tell everyone about today's sponsor The MGTOW Book Collection: Anyways, now back to the video. So the laswt thing Mohammed Anwar probably thought was that two teenage girls would use a taser on him in his own Ubermobile. I worry that stuff like this will eventually erupt in a race war and it won't be against whites. I'm talking about minority on minority violence. As the Pakistani community gets big enough in America and if the black police chief in a place like the district of columbia says things that clearly infuriate the Pakistani community while appearing to white knight for two black teenage girls you will see things spark out of control at some point. We see the same thing LA with Black versus Hispanic violence. Obviously that racism that doesn't seem to count to the left. That's probably why this story didn't receive as much outrage and attention as the story about the Muslim mass shooter a while back that was mistaken for a white male at first. We all know the leftist media likes to virtue signal and pretend that stuff like this doesn't happen. They don't really discuss what's happening in Chicago either. But that's not what this story is really about. If for example the victim in this story was a female driver and the 13 and 15 year old bandits did her in with a taser do you really think they would have been let off so easily?

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Vandetta 3 months ago

Theres a small race war going on in Australia, between African minorities and our Aboriginal people.
White people are stuck in between and are blamed for everything.
But it's not the Aboriginal people blaming us, it's the halfcasts, Afican gangs and Liberal Lefties clowns.

I've got a fair amount of respect for our Aboriginal people because most of them don't actually dislike us white folk, they care more about their own group problems and the African gangs rather than White People colonizing originally their country.
Plus they've got more knowledge about how to look after the environment here even compared to our stupidass government that knows fuck all and doesn't actually care for them, besides meeting political quotas.

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Shoulinmgtowmonk 3 months ago

Only women not society find men and mgtow toxic dont believe me go to Australia or New Zealand or Germany any feminist run country and ask any man and they will tell you mgtow us there the red pill is there and it's there to stay as more men are checking out of societies grip on men

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zdoctor 3 months ago

on average whaman always get a free pass no matter what the issue.......this is the primary reason to drop the mic and walk off the stage.

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Freeballstits 3 months ago

haha these women single moms are on the welfare system they dont make any taxable money so if you sue them you get nothing

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hqwebsite 3 months ago

The Pakistani driver Mohamad Anwar looks white enough for me. Being a white man is just 'pariah'. Caucasian or not.

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RoboCat 3 months ago

The reason for this is that women are (correctly) viewed as resources whereas men are (incorrectly) not.

Those young women did commit the crime and should be punished, but the reason this happened at all was because leftist orthodoxy is extremely gynocentric. They knew they would suffer little to no consequences for what they did because they are women. Remove the leftism, remove (most of) the gynocentrism and the cunts will start being properly dealt with which will actively deter nearly all other women from doing things like that themselves.

That being said, the guy was a muslim and therefore a staunch leftist. His own orthodoxy backfiring on him is a fitting end.

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Menwalkaway 2 3 months ago

Oh yeah i knew these slags would get a Pussy Pass

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cth96190 3 months ago

The two hoodrats need to die.
I hope that Muslim men find them.

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thisisamgtowaccount 3 months ago

I used to drive for those ride share companies. I stopped for several reasons, including not wanting to be put in situations where I might be driving those. Many times things went well. Some of the worst passengers don't fit the profile. Still, if you drive, you find yourself being navigated to apartments that look like a war zone. That was before the BLM insanity of 2020.

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wayfarer 3 months ago

Anwar's last words were "It's MY car!"

It's logical for us to assume that a regular person would prefer to stay alive and collect insurance money for his brand new Honda but... we need to take into account Anwar's Pakistani origin. He came to the US less than 10 years ago and probably kept his traditions. Not sure about Pakistan but around the Persian Gulf and Syria whenever people get a new car they never take plastic wrapping off the seats, to keep them "like new" and whenever anything is sold it will always say "used only twice". Like you would see totally worn out shoes with no soles left and they are still "worn only twice".

Hence his intent on keeping his Honda... cost him his life because two schoolgirls wanted a joyride or to trade his car for a new stolen phone...

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Lucien Grondin
Lucien Grondin 3 months ago

"putting these girls in jail won't bring Mohamed back"

oh so I guess as long as a damage is irreversible, the crime doesn't matter, right ?


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catsspat 3 months ago

Just imagine that police chief getting aloha snackbar'ed, and then everyone saying, oh well.

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