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The Joker - A detailed analysis

Published on 16 May 2021 / In Film & Animation

This is one of these movies that rely upon detailed nuances to "thicken the narrative" or story as it were.

And being the dumb arse / busy / preoccupied (or mentally defective) person that I am.... I have to watch REALLY good movies quite a few times so I can soak down into the details, the subtle connections.

One is when "The Joker is in the waiting room, and how the man who is playing the producer is such a rude, nasty cunt.... "Mr So and So to you", and then when "The Joker" is waiting behind the curtains, and this is a suspension of belief / easy to over look few moments, but Murray, the shows host, is making a series of disparaging remarks about "The Joker" - in essence he is calling him a mentally defective stupid cunt, to the whole audience in the studio and to those who are watching the show on TV.

Murray is a two faced fucking arsehole.

The woman playing Dr Ruth when asked by Murray, "Do you think you can help him with his problems Dr. Ruth", Ruth answers, with "Only if they are sexual problems...."

So when "The Joker" walks out, the first thing he does is give Dr. Ruth a big long kiss.... that is the equivalent to a slap in her face.

And then the conversation is swung around to calling out Murray for being an arsehole and then "The Joker" shoots him.

Technically, it's a very good movie to study.... as are many others.

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SQUEAK077 1 month ago

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