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The Jews & Muhammad In Madinah Islam As Perpetual Religion Of God From Eternity Arabic

Published on 02 Sep 2021 / In People & Blogs

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OK Hosein - BEFORE the Jew Cult got under way 3100 years ago, and Mohommad - The Holey Profit of the Jew Cult Gods, came along 2100 years later, putting aside the issue of Mo's magic flying camel and the 90 foot tall transparent virgins, that await every martyr in heaven when they die, what were the dinosaurs reading 150 million years ago, that were written by Mohommad? - Seeing how your saying the Jew cult god who was invented only a cosmic blink of an eye ago and not an eternity back.... There are a few flaws in the logic and the earthly and galactic time scales that I am not quite up to speed on. Would you care to discuss this with us?

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Salty 3 months ago

More abrahamic torture cult

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