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The Holey Church of Blue Pill | Popp Culture

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Published on 29 May 2020 / In Comedy

⁣The Church of Leftism has a congregation full of ignorant sheep who refuse to question the narrative, and anyone who tells the truth is now a heretic.

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JamesVonMaxwell 1 year ago

They've successfully replaced science with feefees.

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harbinger 1 year ago

Bravo, gents

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BH206L3 1 year ago

You must respect my authoritah!!!

   1    0
delilahdespised 1 year ago

BAD Popp if the BolshiFem Gender Terrorists told me the sun came up in the East I'd have to go out at dawn and check for myself.

   0    0
JamesVonMaxwell 1 year ago

You're here too?? Hahahahah

   1    0

Watching the decline of the West in real time. With popcorn.

   4    0
Veillis 1 year ago

Bring back the half-time striptease!

   4    0
AngryCoffee 1 year ago

Is it just me or does the US need the movie the purge to come to life?

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MGTOWMONGER 1 year ago

The dude wearing the Rainbow Dildo costume looked like he was modeling a Coronavirus suit! LOL... He could have gone one more level of grossness if he'd put really dark peanut butter on the tips and on the shafts hahahahaha!!! maybe some dried blood on them for 'special effect'... ugh... man I think I even grossed myself out ....

   3    0
Akurtz46 1 year ago

Another masterful submission by Popp and Blake! Well done sirs!

   2    0
JMV59 1 year ago

Popp, WTF happened to the attention whore intermissions?

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whyserenity 1 year ago

it was an advertisement. They stopped paying.

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Embedded Basis
Embedded Basis 1 year ago

If pro is for and con is against, is Congress against progress?

At least, so far as we know, it's a religion which does NOT promise eternal life. In fact, you might go to an early grave.

And it isn't exactly a religion of peace. Just pick about any weekend and show up in Portland, Oregon for services with Antifa. You might be bloodied for the effort.

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Gtilly 1 year ago

Hey! Where's the booty break?

   2    0
CopCuffs 1 year ago

@4:27 Is TFM using a different voice changer? ?

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