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Published on 23 Oct 2019 / In Entertainment

Today I try to explain repeatedly, to someone who has already been repeatedly explained to, what MGTOW is.
You can't answer the question "Why are men going their own way" if you still don't understand that "MGTOW" is not a group, cult, sales pitch, etc. A MGTOW is simply a straight man who has decided, for whatever reason, to forgo cohabitation and romantic involvement with women. put on your helmet and strap in...

before anyone mentions it, my mic was acting up..
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"the hidden mgtow theme" copyright MMXIX RPMG OTTAWA

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Kenston 2 months ago

He won't look at the stats. He'd rather alignvhimsrlf with feminism. I'm sure he Enjos the rejection from the very women he defended.

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Shinobi Wan
Shinobi Wan 3 months ago

Bro just moved here from you noobtube. Mgtow - a way of life.

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Navigator of none
Navigator of none 3 months ago

Who was that fucking feminist npc?

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poriet 4 months ago

That dude is a simp; a blue-pilled mangina who simps after women and I'd expect most women would find him nauseating. The feminists have made marriage like Russian Roulette with a fully loaded gun. There are countless stories of men destroyed by the gynocentric Family Court. I thought every body knew that: how come this retard seems oblivious of reality.And METOO is shit; women who had dropped their knickers so fast they damaged the floorboards to bribe powerful men for film roles,/whatever are now saying they were raped. They are so full of shit it's a joke. Women's nature is pure poison and society can only function if you allow men to take control. It's called Patriarchy and it's the only thing that works. Feminism will cause the USA to slide into communism.
Faced with this shit-storm men have silently chosen to have nothing to do with women, like you avoid poisonous snakes. That retard seems to understand nothing. Stupid cunt.

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Navigator of none
Navigator of none 3 months ago

The cunt knows what is going on, he is feigning ignorance to get sympathy and views from his ilk.

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Dude 4 months ago

I think it was Tom Leykis once said that we learn by rather than experience all the mistakes of someone else. Used those people's example and how to avoid those situations. Something along those lines.

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