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The Lone Wolf
The Lone Wolf
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Published on 28 Dec 2021 / In Other

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TrapDoor001 5 months ago

Just so ya-know, NO FAT CHICS.

   2    0
NoFemVAL 5 months ago

50 pounds of tits ?? thats fucking disgusting. Any bitch that weighs more than 120 pounds is too fat.

   4    0

Ughhhhh Can I get a refund on her before I even buy it?

   1    0
Drums_McBashington 5 months ago

To women, big/more is best, it's why they don't understand tits. It's not about big, it's about position, shape, nipples (and where they are)...

   4    0
Generationless 5 months ago

Amen. I love big tits but I've seen some gorgeous B cups before.

   1    0
Drums_McBashington 5 months ago

@Anticuck: See it all the time. 350lbs+, low cut tops, always watching men's eyes to see who's lookin'. Most of them are simple beings that only understand things in the simplest of terms. The rest are just dishonest. Leave them to swim in their sea of lies. They will eventually drown there.

   3    0
Mustang 5 months ago

Me thinks she is a hard pass.

   5    0
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