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The Foundation of Father-Rule | Brian Sauvé | Full Patriarch Speech

Published on 06 May 2023 / In Entertainment

Welcome back to 21 studios YouTube channel! In today's video one of the most controversial Christian pastors alive, Brian Sauvé, will be giving a speech on patriarchy and masculinity. Our modern feminist society despises the idea of patriarchy and masculinity in a classical sense. Brian Sauvé will explain what patriarchy is and why our culture hates it so much during this Patriarch Convention speech. Also we'll discuss men's and fathers' rights, how to be a man in our society, why "Fight the Patriarchy" stuff and feminism are so popular and more. Make sure to subscribe and leave a comment below. Stay tuned!

Learn more about Brian at https://www.briansauve.com
Follow Brian at https://twitter.com/Brian_Sauve

About Brian
"My name is Brian Sauvé, and I’m pastor to Refuge Church, husband to Lexy, and father to six kiddos. Here at this site, you’ll find me writing, preaching, podcasting, and making music for the new Christendom.

I’m Reformed and Protestant, Paedobaptist, Postmillennial, and Patriarchal—and several other things that tend to bother the good people of Twitter dot com. But I’m sure all of you are cool."

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