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The First 48 of 46 | Grunt Speak Live

Terrence Popp
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Published on 21 Apr 2021 / In News & Politics

⁣Joe Biden was already a miserable failure of an “elected” official within 48 hours of being installed into office.
Originally aired on January 21, 2020.

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ManOfEck 13 days ago

My fellow jackoff socks, Ive heard that there is a linux based cell or personal device. Pine phone, I think its called. Not sure if the new galaxy Tab s7+ can be turned over to a linux kernel. Does anyone have word of the nerd scuttlebutt if these comments are true or not? ?

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ManOfEck 13 days ago

My favorite news, art, and opinion pieces, were on the shit house walls in Al Anbar. Never forget, That, Wagner, indeed loves the cock!

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fishandchicks 17 days ago

The Hegelian Dialectic
- problem, reaction, solution
I think we can agree that the Kung-Flu Hoax was a deliberate diversion to control the narrative of a predetermined global deflationary event. (The Great Reset)

Which had everything to do with a collapsing global fiat system, and if left to
decompose naturally, whole governments around the world would have been toppled.

This is a False Flag providing cover for the collapse of the global fiat system.
Yes, the virus is real (the annual flu) with a 99% survival rate. BUT yet the ill-informed are submitting to an experimental injection, multi-national organizations leading lambs to the slaughter… Those same multi-nationals that own the media & our politicians coordinate the message to over hype the reality of its effects; it is no more than a ploy… PLEASE open your eyes!!!

This is a simple fear porn story being played out for the public's benefit...

What they don't know will not hurt them, so let them bicker amongst themselves while
the plantation masters build an even more impressive jail to keep and train the

I am pretty sure this was the plan from the beginning... fiat has only ever run
for 45 years, and we are at the end of this ride...


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SQUEAK077 18 days ago

vk.com is a russian platform censorship is way minimal .
VK is a Russian online social media and social networking service based in Saint Petersburg. I cannot believe now spiderman is owned by Disney.

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nexus1961 18 days ago

Hey Popp.. yet another notification for yet another unplayable video (# Not your lab rats).. could you & Blake maybe stop doin reach-arounds for ten fucking minutes and make your videos VIEWABLE TO YOUR SUB-FUCKING-SCRIBERS?????

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jeffclouser 18 days ago

2 terms Max. for all Polichickens !

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Alucard1776 18 days ago

Postal service is doing a icop spying on us so be careful

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SQUEAK077 18 days ago

Plus in my state if you have a po box well in every state they get MONIES to sell your data/phone/po box to local companies to push on you a new dentist/oil change ect.

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KEEPER 19 days ago

I'm sorry to say, but we are fucked.

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gchase 19 days ago

2020 election? That was no election...that was an electronic insurrection.

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Ratherbefishing 19 days ago

Nicely put but you left a word out, 'electronic communist insurrection'.

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