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The Financial SUFFERING Of Modern Women Will Be EPIC!!!

Published on 05 Jun 2023 / In People & Blogs

Search "Half of American Women Report Struggling Financially Today."
Search ‘This bill does end the payment pause.’ What the debt ceiling deal means for student loan borrowers.

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Quoshi 12 months ago

They HATE you, but they WANT WHAT YOU HAVE. They scream "gibs me dat" at the top of their lungs. The sniveling wahmen will never prevail because we men are going our own way. The stats don't lie. It makes me want to laugh too. Maybe they will repent. Or maybe not

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Dutch Cobbler
Dutch Cobbler 12 months ago

A lot of women are doing pay to play through OF, and a lot of them will get simpathy bucks, especially in blue states that support wokeness and vote Brandon. I doubt the demographic for women in trouble will be all that bad because the thirst is powerful. Fresh & Fit, Whatever, look at the women that show up on those that are getting paid. None of them above a 6, and those are the ones that are willing to brag about it openly.

Also, men working blue collar need to get it in their heads that their money will go to programs for women, and quotas will place women in office jobs while you're slinging sludge to make ends meet. Welfare programs, getting knocked up for child support, etc. The only thing more ruthless than the system are the women that benefit from it.

Women will always get a bailout, men will always get the tab.

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GenerationLESS 12 months ago

August 30th the shit bird comes home to roost! The world's oldest profession is always taking applications!

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QuantMan 12 months ago

Hey women, "it is your uncle Bingo, time to pay the check!"

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MigTaoBrony 5 12 months ago

Like me, my synthetic sweetie carries no debt. Laughing all the way to DA BANK !!

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