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The Fight for Real Equality Has Begun | Grunt Speak Live

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Published on 25 Jan 2023 / In Comedy

Special guest Kursat Pekgoz joins the Crazy Drunk Uncles to discuss establishing legal precedent that’s got womanists and leftoids losing their minds.
#GruntSpeakLive #FightLikeHell #RealEquality
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Aroris 10 days ago

I wish Mr. Pekgoz Godspeed on his journey to dispense righteous justice upon the stragg hordes. It is ironic that it took a pissed off European to challenge the American Academic Gestapo and actually get a good kick in on the fuckers.

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KEEPER 10 days ago

Man Blake is such a natural at saying the funniest things, and it's even funnier when someone else makes him read their name LOL what was that guy's name, something in his ass I can't remember, that dude freaking hilarious, taking funny ass names like that just to have Blake read your name is just the most hilarious s*** ever.

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Squeaker 11 days ago

Look at men who are almost done with college then men are accused of rape even though they are innocent and get off are kicked out of university. Years ago look at the marine who spent 5 yrs in prison got out reg sex offender then the girl went onto fb and talked to a total female stranger. *i made it up* got back to the guy but his fucking life was ruined. Back ground life everything. Slap on hands to the chick. Reminds me of a case in the UK but she went to jail. Have you seen in ny i believe a statue of a woman holding a mans head in front of a court house?

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Rickcoona 11 days ago

seems like the best platform for movie night

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Villainous Jack
Villainous Jack 11 days ago

Good night!

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