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The Feminist Junkies of Narcotics Anonymous - meh

Published on 09 Oct 2021 / In Film & Animation

Most women have shit for brains and can be encouraged to believe anything about any subject.....
Here are the Feminist Junkies, and the unquestioning Cuck Junkies, and their "equal opportunity" crap in action, in Narcotics Anonmymous Meetings - You know the people who go along with this shit, because this is what we do, because this is the way it's always been done - and NONE of them ever question the bullshit they get fed.
Equality my un-feminist arsehole. First Come - First Served - Or fuck off Feminist Arseholes, and take your mind fuck bullshit with you.

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InfiniteMushroom 2 months ago

MGTOW is in desperate need of learning how to analyze and unpack the psychological entitlement of feminists and how to slap it down.

For decades, Western women have enjoyed being spoon-fed a very carefully engineered narrative which is 100% Jewish. For years upon years, on Daytime TV, sit-coms, and sex role-reversed action movies, the soundbites have been systematically assembled in the female mind and shown how to use them. This is how women can spit out a complete narrative of victimhood and man shaming on the fly and not even think about it.

A normal healthy man knows full well that he is hearing bullshit but, he is often caught off guard and lacks a comparable come back. Men have been deprived of a comparable armory; full of rhetorical weapons and the training to use them. Right now, at best, a man can compile a partial inventory on his own *BUT*, he still lacks the cultural training and socialization where he sees the weapons successfully applied.

In these 12-step meetings of yours, mate..... these feminists need to be put in their place in the beginning. Use an opening that warns against a hostile meeting environment. For example, "Welcome all to this 12-step meeting. We want it to be helpful to every one, blah blah blah. To keep it civil and productive, it is First Come First Served. Gentlemen, mind your manners and ladies, leave your feminism outside. If such hostile talk is heard in here, you will be asked to leave."

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