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The Face of War is Changing | Live From The Lair

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Published on 24 Oct 2021 / In News & Politics

⁣With the news of China’s hypersonic missile test, it’s important to see what’s coming down the pipe from the destructive powers that be.
#Veteran #ChinaMissile #PoppsPreppers

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tekrat 1 month ago

we either need MAGNETO or NEO

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tekrat 1 month ago

Take the robots out DUKE HAZARD style Crossbow and dynamite

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DutchCobbler 1 month ago

Yeah, I've got a topic. You say veterans should run for office, i say the most qualified. Not all that wear the uniform are uniform, they aren't all like you or other patriots that saw fit to serve their country honorably. How about a talk about how the military is changing, and veterans are largely going to be woke assholes before too long. That stunning and brave woman used in that recruitment video, never going to be a ground pounder, never going to experience a live fire training, will probably outrank a lot of her male peers because she has two moms and looks good for the military's woke PR.

Just a thought.

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AlexandraArnold 1 month ago

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sauger1001 1 month ago

The more quickly we try to destroy each other, thankfully, the more quickly we can expect HIS return. Let the "games" begin.

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HairlessMonkey 1 month ago

This face of war is pretty fucked up too...

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Mustang 1 month ago

Good one, Hairless!!!

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Mustang 1 month ago

@Mustang: Wow, what a difference from the 1960's Military to today's Military!!! Today's Military never could have won World War II. SMH.

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I get the distinct impression that a lot of NEW advanced tech is introduced in movies, so that much of the population gets familiar with it, i.e. "The Terminator" series, and many other ideas, and then when it comes online so to speak people are not shocked, as it's now back ground data, with which they are familiar.

Now this video is a faked video for two reasons:


The original was a short feature movie, and these cunts have usurped it and rebranded it as a Ted Talk, and obviously the killer microdrones are not carrying 3 grams of shaped charge - I was setting off the primers from emptied 0.303 rounds placed base down, in thicker aluminum pots on the hot stove at 10 years old and they only had a fraction of a gram of explosive... and boy oh boy - did they make a neat dint in the bottom of the pot - but the actual idea of killer mini drones, minus the "theatrical license", is completely feasable.

I have also been following closely - on and off, the development of the scram jet engines and composite materials for the nose and leading edges of the missiles, the cooling systems etc., and I get a bit vague at the details - but they were running at mach 7.5 or was it 10 or 15... ????

And the range extended shells, by either making rocket based shells, were going in the civil war and the gun fired shells with the rocket range extended artillery, I am not sure when that really got underway, either WW1 or prior to that or well into WW2 etc., but the transition from rocket engine based range extension to the scram jet engine extended range shells, is a big move / multi technology mixing issue.

And the old arms race, they get the stick, we get the stone, they get the shield, we get the spear, they get the bow and arrow and we get the cross bow - and trebuchets, and armour and gun powder - and and and and and and....

Then we get armoured vehicles, then we get shaped charges and then we get composite armour (and and and) explosive reactive armour to defeat the shaped charges, and then we get staged warheads that have a small charge to set off the explosive reactive armour and a follow up main shaped charge to punch a hole straight through the armour after this....

This is a good channel to watch - for those of us who are non military.


Episode 46. Grenade launchers. Combat vampires

The main one starts at https://youtu.be/HZBCbpS_uo8?t=420

When I was about 13 I was riding the bus to school and I remember a broadcast, and the news was about a scientist who figured out that IF you can fill all the molecular / atomic holes in the high explosive matrix, with more nitrated compounds, then (going from memory) you could get around 5 times the explosive force, from a given volume of high explosives.

It was sort of like filling a box full of tennis balls, with small ball bearings - so to speak.

And around 5 to 8 or maybe even 12 years after this, all the small ordinance started appearing - like the tiny bombs and things where a 25 Kg bomb, had the same explosive power as a 75Kg bomb...

Not trying to bullshit to impress, I am trying to convey the ideas, without spending lots of time digging up OLD information, for better or more absolute accuracy.

So this is why in the Russian RPG videos, the warheads although relatively small, have absolutely ferocious explosive power.

I have always been curious as to HOW and WHY he was able to figure this out, and how the solution to filling the volume of explosive with MORE explosive was achieved.

This is why weapons development - they have not finalised by any sense, but with chemistry, science and physics and all that - there are limits to everything. The developing areas are CONTINUAL upgrading of the delivery systems and the defences AND the computer systems to do it with.

Smarter people fascinate me - here is the guy who nutted out the composition of Saturn's rings by mathematics alone.

Scotland's Einstein: James Clerk Maxwell (BBC Documentary) https://youtu.be/jqWDzGVmOU4

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jim bennett
jim bennett 1 month ago

amerika is seriously messed up.. no wonder Russia develops weapons.. GDP don't matter it's where you apply it.. loyalty and common sense would go a long way.. vs greed, selfishness and exploitation that exists today.. we waste so much on people's fanciful expectations.. that won't protect Amerika once it has been thoroughly ruined. . it sure would be interesting to peer into the future.. ;)

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jim bennett
jim bennett 1 month ago

I know in my past , I thought things would be better today than they are.. because considering our abilities , who would have thought there would be no loyalty. no borders that has turned amerika into a mess.. who are these people.. security guards in their neighborhoods.. at gates and doors.. swimming pools, gulf or ocean in their back yard.. they don't care about anyone but themselves imo..

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AlexandraArnold 1 month ago

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I am the world's most recognized authority on the Jew Cult.

My great grand father - exactly 666 generations back, was THE original jew.

When the Syrian King beat up the Babylonian King and freed all the Babylonian's war slaves, and he stole the bylaws, rubbed out "The King Said" and wrote in, "My deity said, I the Priest Said" and started the Jew Cult then and there.

The first 6 or 8 books of the Torah, or the old testament, from the first 11 books, are almost wholly, substantially in part, or significantly in portion, verboten copies of the Code of Hammurubi.

That's right - the Jew Cult is based upon grand daddies plagarisim, and the feeding of cult based bullshit to the superstitious and stupid, who if they didn't comply - he was going to have them killed.

Before his new career as a Rabbi, he was a drunken, whore mongering, cheating, murdering, liar and a thief who was scamming everyone by fortune telling and sorcery.

So I am the only one true living Jew, descended from the actual original Jew.

I am more holey that Abraham and Moses.

How's that for a spiritual pedigree.

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