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The Evil Truth Behind Body Positivity | Popp Culture

Terrence Popp
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Published on 07 Oct 2020 / In Comedy

⁣Did you ever stop to wonder why girl power advocates suddenly decided to "empower" fat fatties? The answer to that question may shock you.

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NullandVoid 6 months ago

You would think the Progs would be concerned with the Land Whales MASSIVE Carbon Footprint...you would think...

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Terpa999 6 months ago

Tourettes of the elbow, lol I need to remember that.

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wigglewagon 6 months ago

When the hell did women become the prize? There's 4 billion of them and precious few bring anything besides a beef and cheese in a catchers mitt to the table.

And really, if women were the prize wouldn't men win big in divorce court? Its not as though the goal of marriage is divorce and all the cash & "prizes" don't come from the gender that had cash & "prizes" to lose.

Lets face it. If women were the prize and had something of value to lose in divorce they would outlaw divorce.

   3    0
Sir 6 months ago

Actually, the real question is how long was she on those diets .i.e. Atkins, Paleo, and/or Keto.

A day, week, a month? With that kind of excessive weight, she'd need to be on one of those diets ( preferably Keto for best results ) for 1-2 yrs. And BTW, Exercise may help you lose weight with 10-20 excessive pounds otherwise beyond too much of that you'd be mostly just toning muscle underneath the fat. That's a fact.

And to believe Otherwise is just based on Mainstream myth and/or Misinformation. I've also seen many overweight people in the gyms, exercise their asses off consistently for years but continue with mediocre diets and never lose much noticeable weight neither.

Therefore a Quality Healthy Diet done with consistency will always be the crucial factor in losing weight & management, even without exercise.

Nonetheless and other than that, good video.

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AladinDarkness 6 months ago

Just out of curiosity, I'm asking for a friend... What percentage of top tier guys have a fat fetish?

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Embedded Basis
Embedded Basis 6 months ago

Full figured women can often find their role models in the obituaries.

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Sho Shuto
Sho Shuto 6 months ago

Coach Adams also says men are the prize??

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LongRedRoad 6 months ago

Great job Popp, funny as hell! just another day for you but it makes my day every time.

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wroger_wroger 6 months ago

Terrence, are you doing a christmas special this year too?

   1    0
wroger_wroger 6 months ago

Terry - we need to address the issue of body issues starting with your dreadful flat arse.... How about you go staggering off to a rehab to dry out and start eating just a little bit of food, and put a little bit of flesh on your bones, and get your rumpy pumpy butt into shape - like the real man you used to be. (The Brewers Droop is another issue for another day)

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wroger_wroger 6 months ago


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