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The Epstein Effect: Murder by Suicide | Live From The Lair

Terrence Popp
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Published on 27 Jul 2020 / In News & Politics

⁣It's awfully convenient that the attempted assassin of the Epstein judge (who wound up getting her son instead) just happens to be a Men's Rights Activist the left can love to hate. Even more convenient that he allegedly offed himself so no one could question him.

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RevKev 4 months ago

Anyone with an IQ below 90 will find this difficult to understand.

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DonnaHannaford 4 months ago

Watched at x1.25 speed, much easier to listen too. ? Shame this platform doesn't have the YT views ?

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Thewanderinggeezer 4 months ago

Bill & Hill strike again.

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KptHowdY 4 months ago

We could go investigate this crazy happening that looks suspiciously like a hit... or we can go get coffee and donuts and try to fuck the 18 year old girl that works at the Seven Eleven.

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RoboCat 4 months ago

That's a pretty stupid way of looking at it. It's more like "If I push for a proper investigation, I will definitely get in trouble or worse, end up 'suiciding myself' as a result, hmmm." , this isn't about detectives being lazy, it's about leftist corruption from on high.

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CoachDeano 4 months ago

Does anyone think the law will even bother to look at the questions Popp is asking?. It's waaaaay to convenient.

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Daverunner 4 months ago

I have a very middle class house in a very middle class neighborhood, every one has cameras....

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wayfarer 4 months ago

Den Hollander appears to be a certified nutcase, judging by his ramblings on his site.
He did murder the first person he saw at Judge Salas house while she was in the basement, but she was the one he targeted.
Den Hollander had terminal melanoma cancer and decided to go out with a bang.
A week prior to that murder he went to the West Coast to kill Marc Angelucci, an MRA lawyer who he blamed for stealing his idea about suing the Selective Service System, re draft although Hollander did make sure the case was looked after by another law firm after his death.
There are questions about Hollander's suicide - the gun was reportedly found under his body.

More on that from Paul Elam: https://www.bitchute.com/video/Gtg0MdumAP3v/


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Hammerhead69 4 months ago

An MRA is murdered by this scumbag then he goes cross country for another hit????????????????????????????????

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Madman Mikey
Madman Mikey 4 months ago

Hollander was diagnosed with a terminal cancer. My best guess is that he had a bucket list he was working on.

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Amr Metwally
Amr Metwally 4 months ago

Lol, the US Gov't spent more time investigating Clinton sticking his dick in Monica than 911. This is a clear and shut case, white christian male who hates women did it.

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Amr Metwally
Amr Metwally 4 months ago

Mossad wasn't going after her. This was a warning message to anyone who dares to stand up to them. Killing a family member is worse than killing the actual person they want. Again, Mossad has been doing this over 70 years, they know exactly what they were doing. They killed the son and wounded the husband knowing full well that he's going to suffer.

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Amr Metwally
Amr Metwally 4 months ago

Mossad. They've been doing this to Palestinians for over 70 years. Don't take my word for it, just read the intro to this book: https://www.amazon.com/Brother....hood-Warriors-Behind

   2    1
RoboCat 4 months ago

Who gives a fuck what they do to muslims..... the muslims are terrorists and they have explicitly said that if they had military superiority, would not hesitate to exterminate entire nations to then take for themselves. If you're going to keep spewing propaganda, at least make it less obvious, little leftist.

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Maxda 4 months ago

I thought "patsy" as soon as I heard this story.

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AladinDarkness 4 months ago

Two notes on your cap.
The long bill blocks sunlight from overhead so the scope isn't washed out, and...
Fey have red hats that make them invisible...

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Herbalist 4 months ago

Hey, Popp! When will you complete the rewrite of The Warrior's Way and the Soldier's Soul? I'm waiting, Bro...

   1    0
LongRedRoad 4 months ago

yay your new book is out !!

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doczg88 4 months ago

Clinton Crime Family...

   4    0

Its really something in today's age when these imbeciles go after people with no evidence to it.

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deltavictor 4 months ago

Epstein did not kill himself. This latest murder was obviously an attempt to influence the judge involved in this Epstein financial trial. There is no such thing as a coincidence.

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jmafa1957 4 months ago

There are truly sinister things happening in our country right now. Anyone who doesn't see this either chooses not to, or is complicit with these things. I don't believe in coincidences like this. Thanks for another great video, Popp.

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