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The End Of Physical Media? - MGTOW

Published on 28 Feb 2024 / In People & Blogs

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from Bob the builder and here's what he's got to say: "Hi Sandman, Growing up I watch television with my older brother. He would watch stuff like Star wars, Star trek and other movies like Terminator. I grew up watch most of the classics because of him. I had another brother closer to my age and we would watch things like Transformers, Teknoman, a few Gundom shows and so on. I got more in to animation and anime. Unlike my brothers I would go to conventions. Pretty soon I was helping out at them as well. I would help set up the main stage, but I was mostly know for helping out at the dealer rooms. Back then I would try and find DVD's and books I liked. I still download a lot of content because finding it can be challenging at times. But I still like to support shows and I'll buy the books if the DVD is not an option. I would have chats about this with people. They would ask me why I still buy hard copies of shows I like even though my DVD payer recently broke and I had to fix it. There are a lot of streaming services, not just for shows, but animation as well but I don't like modern shows today. I'd rather get a DVD of an old show instead of a subscription for shows I don't even want to watch or support. I've also heard people say what if your house burns down or you have a leak in the roof argument before and it destroys your physical media? Well that's life. Also the space issue, if I like books or DVDs I will find space to keep it. If can't bother to, I'll sell or toss it. In any case, we all know that some shows changed with re-release. Scene are cut out or modified some how and the like. I think something like that happened with “Who framed Roger Rabit” The changes used to be small and you would hardly notice. Changes now are not so small anymore. Thats just one problem. Sandman I know you have been warning people about this. We are now facing age verification on adult sites everywhere. It's a shame my son won't be able to enjoy the Internet like we did, but I'll get him a VPN and PC with plenty of data storage when he's bit older anyway. It will be for school, games and other necessities. Beyond that it will be fun to see how we will work around these problems? As parents sometimes it's more fun to play dumb. Just in case, is there anything I or my son need to watch out for? Besides that keep up the good work." Well Bob thanks for the donation and topic. First of all if you're going to backup shows and files always do that on duel hard drives and make sure the drives are in different locations. It's not fire you have to worry about but if the hard drives go bad. Also Western Digital has been better for me and I avoid Seagate as they aren't as stable. Buying physical media is about to get a whole lot harder as Bestbuy is about to get rid of all of them in 2024. Walmart will probably do that sooner than later as well. I have this theory that maybe the reason that movies, shows and content in general have gotten so bad is because we are living in an ancestor simulation and all the good content was lost because it wasn't in physical form. Maybe thousands of years ago the stuff on DVD survived so we are getting mostly the stuff from the 80s, 90s and 2000s. You're also right that we also don't want tons of DVDs and books taking up shelf space. Most people don't even have enough room to live as minimalists these days. Especially people that are living in their vans because they can't afford a house. I'll discuss more in a moment but first let me tell everyone about today's sponsor Chris Whalen:

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csehszlovakze 1 month ago

if your computer doesn't have a DVD drive this is your reminder to buy one. you can always buy high quality DVDs for archival, not the cheapest per storage unit but it won't be affected by electromagnetic interference

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WMHarrison94 2 months ago

If I go tiny home or van life, I will still have physical media. I am thinki9ng about getting a trailer to pull or having a storage unit or shed (if I go into home off grid self-sufficient route with land ownership.) Though, I think the future is the sea for greater mobility and perhaps uncharted or private islands for port or storage... think the original Pirates of the Caribbean with the rum storage!

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Mr_Sluggo 2 months ago

I agree with Sandman regarding Seagate hard drives. They suck ass. Western Digital is way better.

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WMHarrison94 2 months ago

I used to get both Western Digital and Maxtor, but Seagate bought Maxtor... Now, I have a lot of small harddrives. I only bought some solid state drives. I still have some Iomega 250 and 750 drvies or cartridges and readers for them and the LS 120 SuperDisk. Their 240 did not really take off. Jumpdrives destroyed both Iomega Zip Drives and 3M Super disks.

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Hmmmm All this high tech....

So many modern -ised movies have huge chunks cut out of them.

And despite all the wonders of high tech - there is much to be said for a pencil and a piece of paper...

The pencil and paper ALWAYS work.

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