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The Emancipation Of Ken | The Real Hero Of The Barbie Movie | FEMINISM hold This L

Published on 17 Oct 2023 / In People & Blogs

This video discusses the remarkable transformation taking place in Barbie Land, all thanks to Ken, and presents the argument that Ken is the real hero of the Barbie movie. Our videos are made for educational purposes.

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Jaygo 4 months ago

I've said it once and will say it again. There's not at all much difference between children and women. If you understand how children operate you can easily understand females. I truly believe females mentally peak at the age of 16. There was somewhere i read in a study long ago, where they found that women are no more mature than their oldest teenager. Roughly paraphrasing.

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KEEPER 5 months ago

i will never watch this movie, so i don't give a fuck about spoilers or anything like that, in fact i don't want to give that movie any more money than it's already made.

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QuantMan 5 months ago

So, a world run by women is monotone-pink and plastic! Now who could have predicted that? Suddenly, a basement apartment seems kinda nice.

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The OLD Maggot Marryme - or Margo Robbie, the OLD feminist head is starting to look like total shit....

So without a ton of trowelled on Cake Up - "Mehhhhh pass on that arse"

But the bod...

Nice hips and thighs....

However, there were a heap of men "Reeeeeeee-ing" about the feminist bullshit of this movie, AND perhaps rightfully so, but it's interesting to see a deeper insight into this movie, about the Ken's kicking the Feminist Cunt.


Good Vid.

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TripeSwing 5 months ago

Hero w a 1000 Faces is a great read

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remarksman 5 months ago

Read the book long ago, it was ok. As for Campell, he was a professor at a women's college. lol

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