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The Economics of Why Modern Dating is Failing

Wheat Waffles
Wheat Waffles
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Published on 23 May 2022 / In People & Blogs

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00:00 Market Failure
01:52 Inequality
05:30 Asymmetric Information
12:08 Tragedy of the Commons

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takeitonthearmor 1 month ago

Here are the answers. You can't control other people's actions but you can control your own. My rules for a relationship. Date only girls that you meet organically. Don't judge the girl on her looks but her action such as how she takes care of herself. To introduce yourself say hi, and give her your name, if she does not smile immediately, then walk away. The first date is a job interview, if she won't take your last name, or expresses any reservations about having kids, do not go on another date, don't tell her why. Don't sleep with a girl you would not marry. Don't marry a girl unless you both want kids. Don't date if you don't want kids. Be be completely honest in everything you say. Let her know that you will gladly go to jail before paying alimony or child support, and if she cheats the relationship is over. Never hit her and show complete control over tour own emotions.. She should be a little scared of you. That is how you find and Husband a wife.

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CatFoodMillionaire 1 month ago

16 minutes without saying the problem is female choice. Uncontrolled Hypergamy destroy Civilization.

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Hard hairy big pack
Hard hairy big pack 1 month ago

Human are not a pairbonding species, we are not birds.

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lyhyemmat 1 month ago

So, where's the solutions video?
Scared to be a man and speak about real stuff?

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Freewinds 1 month ago

It's natural, human primate behaviour, there is no solution .

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VeganMGTOW 1 month ago

Wheat waffles you are still alive I am glad they said in The UC Show that you were doxxed

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