The Desperate For Attention Braless Trend. RPM

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Published on 23 Sep 2021 / In People & Blogs

⁣SMH. Here we go again.

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wayfarer 18 days ago

I was under the impression that it was a local thing but no, it must be international.

Cote D'Azur, France - at least 50% walk braless and with no makeup. And in something resembling pajamas! Not that I would mind, plus it might have some merit if they need to change on the beach where most women are topless anyway. With their fugly tattoos, it doesn't matter anyhow.

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RogueEconomist 27 days ago

The health of a nation can be seen in the morals it's women. Todays women are a cancer.

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jDAM92 27 days ago

Most of these post wall foids have dish rag tittles. anyway so what is the point of this toxic trend in the in the first place????

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sauger1001 27 days ago

Sounds like Suffragette City 2.0. David Bowie

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Wolf_joseph 28 days ago

instead of making themselves unique, they copy each other

cookie cutter sheep women are everywhere

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tekrat 28 days ago

nipples and camel toe...

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The Spartan
The Spartan 29 days ago

In a decade from now... "I'm not half the bitch I used to be, oh my tits are where my knees should be..."

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sauger1001 27 days ago


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kaluz55 29 days ago

It must be miserable to live that kind of existence.

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Houken 88
Houken 88 29 days ago

Funny how cucktube age restrics this vid for me but doesn't do that if I go on a twitch thot(I don't). 3D meat bag supremacy is disgusting.

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doomem2 29 days ago

The one who do it is the government, women can not take your children, your money, your car or your
home without the government power, (the gestapo(police), the bank and the court). with out the
government, women can not take from men anything.!!!

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