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The Dark Side of MGTOW - Anti-MGTOW

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Published on 24 Dec 2020 / In Other

⁣Welcome to the final part of my response to Tru Sherm's MGTOW video called "Shaming MGTOW." This is the last part of this series of reactions to Tru Sherm's video called "Shaming MGTOW." This final video will wrap up this series and debunk more MGTOW of his arguments, showing the dark side of the MGTOW (more bad MGTOW arguments, basically).

✱Twitter - https://twitter.com/CrimsonCrusador
✱YouTube - https://bit.ly/2ELVNLq
✱Truly Hypocritical (Part 1) - https://bit.ly/2xBmZZz
✱Sherm's Awful Arguments (Part 2) - https://bit.ly/2Y2kz4S
✱ Sherm's MGTOW Insanity (Part 3) - https://bit.ly/2Gmxoge
✱Last Video - https://bit.ly/2Gmxoge
✱DON'T CLICK THIS - https://bit.ly/2ELVNLq

Video Notes:
This video is NOT intended to be a malicious personal attack against MGTOW! Instead, it is a critical analysis and commentary about their opinions, ideas, perspectives, and presentation of the material.

Certain video clips in this video are copyrighted material. I do not take credit or ownership for any of their creative work. Clips from their video(s) are included for the purpose of commentary and criticism. If you would like to view the original material feel free to click on this link to view the original video(s):

"Shaming MGTOW" - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DlFPIqjcR0U

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Councilof1 9 months ago

To be fair everything has a dark side.

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hqwebsite 9 months ago

Migrating from red pill to black pill. From leaving female to leaving society.

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