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The DARK SECRET to get ANY woman you want INSTANTLY

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Published on 27 Feb 2021 / In Film & Animation

Another misguided cope in the incel community: DT theory. There's no dark triad for your face. Your looks = Your personality (in the dating market)

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PRICK 8 months ago

Women are not worth the potential catastrophic legal, and financial consequences.

Yeah right... I'm going to trade my wages, savings, truck, house, retirement, and pension for a WET HOLE???

Not to mention my freedom, time, peace, and quiet.

So HYPNOTIZED by a wet hole. Must have VA GI NA !!! Nothing else matters???

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sauger1001 10 months ago

Unless she stole from you, NEVER run after a waahman playing hard to get. Laugh at her, and walk the other way.

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sardonicsmile 11 months ago

False hope is worse than no hope.

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OniriumSage 11 months ago

And also, last comm on this clip. I didn't have hundreds of gfs because I was buying the bullshit of "the right one", but when I interacted, I got all of those.

How ? By selling them back their own lies that they were using to wrangle me, they perceived the perfect slave.

Because I was believing in them myself.

I was mind-controlling women while being not even aware of it.

You conquer a woman by mirroring her methods.

How do ugly chicks get guys ?

What do gorgeous women do ?

The secret ? Narcissist woman is drugged with her own image. Mirror that. Male version.

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tocix 11 months ago

The problem is not one of behaviour. If you are ugly, you can't obtain sucess by mirroring good looking people's behaviour. This is the red pill again, reworded.

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