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The Danger Of Stupid Women - MGTOW

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Published on 08 Jan 2022 / In People & Blogs

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"The Five Laws Of Stupidity"

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from Lord Jaguar and here's what he has to say: "Yo Sandman it's been a while, but I ran across this link on YouTube and I thought of you and the community. If you could please cover the video I've attached with this message and tell us your thoughts on it, that would be great. It's called "The Five Laws Of Stupidity". Well your highness thanks for the donation and topic. I put the link to the video in the description so people can watch it for themselves. The video is based on an article by someone named Carlo Cipolla. He was an economic historian in the 1970s and wrote that provocative article titled "The Basic Laws of Human Stupidity". His theory is all about the destructiveness of stupid behavior and why it is so underestimated and misunderstood. The article is written in a humorous and sarcastic way as to not offend people. Political correctness in 1970s Italy. Who would have thought? He came up with the five laws of stupidity and tries to prove why stupid people are the most dangerous. The whole thing again is written as a though provoking joke. Cipolla says that far too often if you're an intelligent person you will mistake stupidity for other things. The first of his five laws is that everyone underestimates the number of stupid people. I would agree except perhaps the elites who tend to manipulate stupid people with mainstream media so they can accomplish their agendas) Stupid people is also why communism failed. When communists take over they typically kill the smart and successful people and then the society is bound to collapse at some point. Carlo says that the reason we underestimate the number of stupid people is because we judge them based on superficial criteria like their job, education, class, race and how well spoken they are. It's almost as if all of those things are used by dumb people masquerade as being intelligent themselves when they aren't. After all most people go to college these days for the credentials and not the education they receive. I'll get to the other 4 laws of stupidity in just a moment but let me first tell everyone about today's sponsor Surviving 4th Wave Feminism: Anyways, now back to stupid people pretending to be smart so they can get ahead in life clown world show. If fake it til you make it didn't work then people wouldn't be doing it and fooling all the so called intelligent people doing it. The second point Carlo makes is that the probability is that a person is stupid is independent of every other characteristic. No correlation. For example there are stupid nobel prize winners. This makes me wonder. Maybe stupidity comes on a spectrum and Carlo illustrates that it does based in his four quadrant approach. He says there are four different categories. The intelligent person is in the top right because he helps himself while helping others. The are in the win/win category. The Bandit, or bad guys or gals are in the bottom right because they help themselves but hurt others so they win for themselves but others lose. Then in the top left you have the suckers that help other win but they themselves lose. They are the altruistic ones. They suffer to help others succeed. Finally you have the stupid people which are in the bottom left because they don't help themselves and don't help others. They are a drag one themselves and the rest of the human race. Carlo defines a stupid person as one that hurts themselves and those around them as well. Thanks to this I now understand that for most of my life I've been with stupid women. I guess I find that sex is best when they are stupid.

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Bleblee 18 days ago

just Ingore the fuck out if them

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hqwebsite 18 days ago

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havok545 18 days ago

I've been with dummy's and intelligent females they both bring misery and suffering. Had a slightly better time with the dumb dumb but in the end not worth it.

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havok545 18 days ago

If you were stupid how would you know it?

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Good Video Sandman.

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