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The Cost of "Creepy", Solution to Strikes, Unity Continues to Burn, + More!

Published on 20 Sep 2023 / In Film & Animation

Calling guys creepy over everything combined with #MeToo is having the expected, though tragic, results! Also, a proper memorial, nothing is safe from lolcowizers, more restaurant BS, just try not paying, playing like a girl, UK brings their fascism to the internet, Unity backlash gets worse, and solving the strike problem!

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NeoGeoGamer 8 months ago

The only solution to this is to make it a crime with mandatory jail time for bad-mouthing people who give CPR and other such activities. Prosecution and lawsuits are not the primary deterrent, it's the court of public opinion. There is no place for such a court, the courts of justice have to maintain a monopoly. It's always opportunistic women and salty simps who will try to ruin your reputation for saving someone's life, and these scum have to start getting put where they belong before they stop shitting up society.

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