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The Consequences of Riding The CC

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Published on 10 Sep 2020 / In Entertainment

A 29-year-old woman posted a video in which sheopines about not having a relationship. She can't understand why she can't finda man who will not only want to have sex with her, but will want to stay withher in a relationship. In this video, I break down all the contradictions, fakesincerity, and ulterior motives included in her video post.

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themgtowartist 12 months ago

these women are insane oh well bitch sucks to be you ?

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Bagoodman 1 year ago

I think ill sing a song for her ...let me clear my throat ..a hum ME ME me me me OH SHIT THAT's her THING ...Dumb cunt cat bitch .. !

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Johnny_Cage 12 months ago

Exactly. They occupy all these cushy, good jobs that fucks us men out of the good, moneymaking positions and ruins the whole job environment.

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