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The Comment Wars Part 3 - Anti-MGTOW

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Published on 25 Oct 2020 / In Other

Reuploading this video again because the video had some problems that needed to be fixed.

⁣⁣Sorry for the late upload, but do not worry part 3 is here! Once again good morrow ladies and gents! Welcome to back this part of the Comment Wars series where I respond to another part of Square.Peg's video against my Anti-MGTOW comments. Its time to expose the #fakenews the MGTOW propaganda machine has been spreading. I am going to be using the facts to show why women are actually divorcing. Today, we will be debunking more of Square's MGTOW philosophy and perspectives on marriage, jobs, affirmative action and more stuff. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy leave a like and a comment telling me your thoughts on affirmative action. Do you agree with me that we don't need affirmative action or do believe that minorities still need extra assistance? I'm open to your comments and opinions.

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Video Notes:
This video is NOT intended to be a malicious personal attack against this YouTuber! Instead it is a critical analysis and commentary about his opinions, ideas, perspectives and his presentation of the material.

Any discussions regarding legal matters are solely the opinion of the owner of this YouTube channel and are not to be considered legal advice. Discussions revolving around legal matters may include information reiterated from other sites and are not to be regarded as any form of legal consultation.

Certain video clips in this video are copyrighted material from the MGTOW YouTube channel called Square.Peg. I do not take credit or ownership for any of his creative work. Clips from his video are included for the purpose of commentary and criticism. If you would like to view the original material feel free to check out his YouTube channel. The link will be provided below:


[[[Article Sources]]]

UK Daily Mail Article: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/fe....mail/article-5915517

Psychology Today Article authored by Pyschotherapist Douglas LaBier: https://www.psychologytoday.co....m/us/blog/the-new-re

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