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The Coming Insurrection Part 1: Antifa | Live From The Lair

Terrence Popp
Terrence Popp
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Published on 16 Sep 2020 / In News & Politics

⁣Popp recently obtained actual intelligence about the inner workings of Antifa. Now he wants to share it with you.

They're screaming "Death to America now: ⁣https://pjmedia.com/news-and-p....olitics/robert-spenc

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Geneo 1 month ago

Antifa created the USSR...and they want to again! the "new & improved"
United States Socialist Republic

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QDLLC 1 month ago

“It’s not rocket science.”

Unless you plan to utilize fireworks...then it kind of is.

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02WhiteWs6 1 month ago

nothing is going to happen, Jut like nothing happened with covid.

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JRobbins 1 month ago

This explains why the 2 bases in Staten Island , NY are now at full capacity with vehicles; pallets of spare tires; all kinds of equipment as well as quite a few U Hauls of relocated military personnel coming into town very recently....

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doczg88 1 month ago

Antifa did this already in 1917 in Russia. They destroyed Russia and established Soviet Union. Now they want to destroy America and establish Soyviet Union 2.0.

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Metal_X 1 month ago

and nothing is gonna happen and nobody is gonna do shit about it...

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John_Doe 1 month ago

The four stages of the subversion process: Demoralize > Destabilize > Crisis > Normalize. We're in the Destabilize stage, rapidly hurtling towards Crisis stage which will kick off election night. At this point it's coming; it really can't be stopped now. The chance to stop it peacefully was about 5 to 10 years ago. Now it's too late for that. What comes next ain't gonna be pretty but, if we want to preserve the Republic, it will be necessary.

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doczg88 1 month ago

All American and Western institutions have been infiltrated and subverted by the left. This is the result of March through institutions. Unfortunately non leftist normal people are naive and ignorant. Left is a very serious and organized and extremely dangerous group of people. But in the 2020 we are all in let's lose our country mode because otherwise we would have to get our hands dirty.

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doczg88 1 month ago

Insurrection is already here. Civil War is coming.

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Herbalist 1 month ago

BLMANTIFA are forced to go to these extremes... otherwise, they'd be toast. Patriot Americans would see to it.

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jimbennett 1 month ago

So they have brought into America 60 MILLION hispanics over the last 40 years.. wtf and why the hell would anybody do that. . unless you are like wall street or something.. THEY SURE SCREWED THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!! so from what I can figure out , , the mafia,, the jews,, the vatican,, and "venetian" bankers in london , , are all in on it together to enrich themselves.. The JESUITS of the vatican in Rome run the freemasons who slither around our govt.. not to mention their very own native bred and born jesuit creations here in America.. They are the globalists.. the cabal.. Wallstreet is an arm of the london bankers imo. . So real Americans have plenty of cause to be upset with the American govt.. Wallstreet etc.. and of course , the catholic rule south of the border shows alot.. tons and tons of drugs let in from south America in exchange for hundreds of millions of our dollars.. and now , CARAVANS OF SLAVES!! call it what it is.. those people are slaves of the catholics being brought to America to help take it from us real Americans.. so who is the good guy? That is why nothing ever gets done.. Does Nancy Pelosi represent catholic vatican interests? The pope is from Argentina and the jesuit "Black" pope is from Venezuela.. they are peopling America with their people.. Meanwhile Americans opportunities and quality of life, pardon me,, are crap.. IF the country was moving in the right direction and honesty out in the open ,, then the so called antifa and BLM SHOULD be on the same side as most normal Americans.. They sure screwed up on the 3 trillion in stimulus. . Mitch Mcconnell pos imo.. trump was silent and wrong to let that shit fly.. The American public wants JUSTICE! the slavery shit has got to end. TIME FOR DEPORTATIONS!! BORDERS!!! and America to be America..

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jmafa1957 1 month ago

This is getting very, very scary. These creeps can't be reasoned with, they must be DEALT with.

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LongRedRoad 1 month ago

great info, thanks again Popp

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Trickbaby 1 month ago

attacking polls is SOP

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skoenig67 1 month ago

We Must all Unite Togather and Stand
People need to wake up.America must WAKE up

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