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The Chinese Government Is Banning MGTOW

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Published on 29 Jan 2022 / In People & Blogs

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from Ms. Anonymous in Colorado. She didn't give me a topic with her donation. So I wanted to share a message I received from someone named Theo Li and here's what he has to say: "Hi, Sandman, I'm a MGTOW in China. I want to talk about our situation in this country. The Chinese government is banning all voices discussing anti-feminist content. Even questioning the privilege of women. A while back, in Hefei, a women killed an unacquainted 1-yo boy. She followed this boy and his mother, captured him when the mother was distracted, and finally threw him down at the top off a high building. Before she did this, she posted an announcement of what she was intending to do in Douban, the online space full of feminists in China. Under that post there were plenty of feminists said they would want to do the same, just like Korean feminists. When the news about what happened to the boy and her boasting about it was released on all popular online Chinese social media platforms including Wechat, Bilibili and Tieba. The media responded by saying that it's more likely that women or girls that are boing to get hurt. Although, the papers couldn't censor and spin the story after a few days some people still found out this event. Now the mainstream media claims that this woman has mental illness. More importantly, the real core reason I want to send you this Email is the leaked information I get from some friends who are now working in public department of Chinese ideological propaganda. It says that the top members of the party want to ban and arrest men who creating online content about anti-feminism. Those 50s and 60s old men, who are born into white-knight and simp culture thought this woman killed the boy because of men’s oppression upon women. Yes, men and boys get killed and we are blamed, or even worse. Me and some of my friends’ post in those online platforms and were cancelled by the systems. Some are cancelled after several days ago and some are cancelled just after we uploaded them the same day. Now I don’t know what I should do now? Maybe just like the situations you guys experienced in your countries men around you don’t even believe they are the real victims. That the people on top and women are keen on are killing them. Even when I pointed out the truth and troubles we are facing they are provoked by that. When talking about the evil nature of women and feminism, they still think like “oh the government, our great government, will deal with it, and guys on top can understand us”. The truth is, the the guys at the top are the real simps. women controlled them behind the stage. Enjoying the power but avoiding the risks. Peng Shuai, the tennis player if you heard of her, did the same metoo thing, after having a relationship with a top old man, but this still won’t wake these simps up. They will only kneel down before the Mother God hiding under Chinese traditional culture, blaming themselves and men in the bottom of society suffer as a result. Mo matter how disgusting woman are one the whole. I hope to go abroad and explore new life, but, for my self, I have no money, no social network in any foreign areas. My parents have some money but as I said they don’t believe me. They don’t believe the true nature of men and oppression from women and society. They hope I have a good steady life, but the way they planned things out is by just letting me falling down the abyss. I’m sure the similar situations happens in lots of young Chinese men. Anyway, at least you guys have rights to vote, have more rights to decide your life, especially refusing marriage. You guys truly have more opportunities to make our ideas popularized and internationalized, and save more men than us.

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Igor MGTOW And Video Games

we shall not accept any attempt by any government to ban mgtow.

   0    0
NoFemVAL 1 year ago

Feminism and communism are cut from the same cloth.

   4    0
WMHarrison94 1 year ago

I would say "But I repeat myself!" The way Daily Wire's Drew says it!

   2    0
hqwebsite 1 year ago

Chinese were creative in sending secret messages. https://ninchanese.com/blog/20....16/09/18/mooncake-fo

   2    0
BigBrianUK 1 year ago

She declared her intention to kill a boy before carrying out the crime. Were any voices raised in those feminist spaces telling her not to do it? No the encouraged her and applauded her. Their hatred even extends to small boys. If they excuse her actions by blaming a mental illness, what's the excuse for the online women cheering her on.

   6    0
Drums_McBashington 1 year ago

Mental Illness is the default setting. They want a Matriarchy without considering how selfish they are. Real and actual female oppression will begin, when they get their way. Women will be ruled by the Mean Girls from their highschools.

   2    0
WMHarrison94 1 year ago

Boys and Men are slaves today. Doncha know? That's why MGTOW and the totally legitimate BGTOW or Teens' TGTOWN exists. I am to the point if all women are agents ofvthe Beast because of the chaos they cause from their selfishness!? They are definitely agents of chaos, which is why I liked how Old School Marvel personified it with Scarlet Witch!

   1    0
Menwalkaway 2 1 year ago

Some things just cant be un-seen ...

   5    0
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