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The Blame Game in Nashville | Grunt Speak Live

Published on 28 Mar 2023 / In Comedy

It’s time for facts, logic and reason tonight as the Crazy Drunk Uncles pay tribute to the six victims of Audrey Hale.
#GruntSpeakLive #AudreyHale #Gashville

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_Natas_ 2 months ago

These fucking clown world freak show specimens, and the jewish media that supports them really need to be thrown into the fire and burned till they're crippled and black piles of ash and dust. Hitler was right all along. Only in a weak, cucked, mentally ill western soyciety does this shit ever take place. No other country, that isn't part of the turbo cucked 14 eyes coalition, would ever let this shit happen. Also obvious redditurd.

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TheLibertarianRebel 2 months ago

The arm in the colored shoe pic looks a bit cartoonish.

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Rickcoona 2 months ago

a LOT of buffering tonight

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Never_Again 2 months ago

Good Prayer

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MGTOW Mando 2 months ago

Be safe buds

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