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The Bill Gates of Hell: Pimptard-Wifestitute | Grunt Speak Highlights

Terrence Popp
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Published on 26 May 2021 / In Comedy

⁣Melinda Gates might have just claimed the world record for Pimptard-Wifestitute. How much money did she get paid every time Bill swiped his Microsoft credit card in that pink pocket?
#gruntspeaklive #billgates #gatesdivorce
Watch the complete stream here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PG0tUhehzMc

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BIGLOAD 24 days ago

Fuck- that Bitch is Ugly.

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NullandVoid 25 days ago

Wanna know why Gates with all his billions ,married such a Butt Ugly Beast?….According to rumors..the Gates ,Chinese pool-boy Chan Ho ,says Melinda could suck a bowling ball thru a garden hose….

   0    0

Where he is getting 20 hits on the pussy..... Ummm don't you mean SHE is getting 20 hits on the Man Pussy?

Where sissy boy Billy is on all fours with his dress pulled up over those firm little butt cheeks..

   2    0
sorearm 26 days ago

Genius work

   2    0
for_Archangel Liberation_Y

Those might be good bar stats. Popp should remember this part of the equation: "..I got it ALL the time before I got married--then - after Marriage, I wasn't so important anymore''.

   2    0

I thought sex after 2 years got kind of fucking BORING.......

   2    0
for_Archangel Liberation_Y

@Life_N_Times_of_Shane_T_Hanson: I got bored with a couple of girls quickly. Unfortunately, for me, there were a couple others that I NeVeR got tired of.

   0    0
Hammerhead69 26 days ago

Never worth it is it fellas.

   2    0
Lucifer 26 days ago

One of the best shows bro

   2    0
eldrazi317 26 days ago

Bill gates is just the side show freak/scape goat being used to try to cover what’s actually happening. Like look over there...as they hide what’s actually going on.

   3    0
eldrazi317 26 days ago

But don’t get me wrong the guy has done a lot of shit and deserves every little piece of karma he’s getting.

   4    0
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