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The Bible as an 80's Dark Fantasy Film AI ART check out Jacked Jesus

Published on 25 Jan 2023 / In Film & Animation

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All Images were created by me using Midjourneys AI.

00:00 The Creation
00:05 Adam and Eve
00:10 Cain and Abel
00:15 Noah's Ark
00:20 David and Goliath
00:25 Pharaoh
00:30 Moses
00:35 Jesus
00:40 Mary Magdalene
00:45 The Last Supper
00:50 The Devil
00:55 Pontius Pilatus
01:00 Crucifixion

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KEEPER 10 months ago  

is this really a thing? and if it is, is it even good?
because for the last decade nothing but shit has been created in almost all the entertainment industry that doesn't even touch good writing and story telling.

everything is such shit nowadays, it feels like nobody can write good compelling stories anymore.

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Not sure if it's real it's AI ART the computer renders images on what information it's given. I wish it was a real movie jacked Jesus would layeth the smackdown on that FaggotMaxxer who tried pedo shite on a young girl and got mad when Hammer and Chronic called him out onnit, Fuck that guy I hope JACKED Jesus tears that Faggott a new one. As Hammer said Hollyweird doesn't have a creative bone in them anymore. There are plenty of creative storytellers out there just big daddy government wants everyone to steeple like them and shit can all those who can help and spread the good word about the real hard working story tellers.

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