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The Beta Male - Social Personality Types: Part 3

Published on 21 Oct 2022 / In Non-profits & Activism

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You've heard of Alpha Males and Beta Males, but what about Sigma males?
And what is the actual social science behind these personality types
and the social heirarchy that they are on? Here in this series I will be
explaining the top 3 social personality types, the Alpha Males, Sigma
Males, and Beta Males. In this video you will learn everything you need
to know about the Beta Male Archetype.


The beta males are the subordinates to the alpha male directly
underneath him in the Dominance hierarchy. They will follow and
supplicate to the alpha male, as well as the attractive females at the
top of their social hierarchy. They may be either introverted, or
extroverted, and are generally very social types of people. They are
the especially “nice guy” types who are great to have in the group
because they are friendly, positive and good natured, as well as
generally being social conformists who don’t deviate from the norm’s,
rebel against rules, or try to challenge authority (at least very often,
though it can happen at times and the alpha will have to remind them of
their beta status). They will generally go along with and help the
group dynamic in many ways, and they make great friends, because they
are upstanding people.


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