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The Ballad of Black Karen

Published on 24 Jun 2021 / In Entertainment

This is a video I've referrenced a lot, and I thought I'd preserve it before it's taken down from YouTube.

Original video name: ⁣Black woman freaks out about arab gun owners protecting business (George Floyd RIOTS)
⁣Looters : beating and stealing from honest people who had nothing to do with George Floyd death
Store owner : grabs machine gun to protect his life and hard work.
This crazi bitch : wait. that´s illegal.⁣ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r9unnPkBX-o

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PlanANoGoZone 2 years ago

So what does her cousin do again? And what kind of guns are they carrying? HAHAHAHA
Joking aside, I had a seizure while listening to this dumb cunt speak. Am I allowed to sue for compensation?

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oldmangranny5 2 years ago

I can respect Muslims. At least they stand up for themselves.

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Limitless1 2 years ago

They just protect their private property
From the people who riot and steal ..

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gchase 2 years ago

Does she ever just shut up ?!

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CoffeeAddict 2 years ago

Saying she has 70 I.Q points is very generous of you bin4ry, but your over shot that green and put it on the next tee box.

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