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The Bachelor Gets Dumped

Published on 12 Mar 2021 / In Film & Animation

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MP58364 2 months ago

There's too much talking in that show. What they need is a BJ contest.

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pjeffery7 2 months ago

tru dat !!

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ThinkorDie 2 months ago

To tell you the truth, I respect that she was honest. Remember that the old Kings would have had a harem with all of them. Once again, I blame mothers for rocking their sons to sleep with the "special one" narrative all the while describing herself- so that Junior would be mama's retirement plan. 600 a week, six figures, or six million dollars - get a "wai-fu". lol

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sauger1001 2 months ago

That sigh said it all. Should have left it in bed. Like most waahmen her age, she wants to continue to ride the CC. Dude should've left her without coming to this moment. That's why this show is so stupid. NOBODY is in love, but in lust. The puniata was nice, but what happens on The Bachelor, stays on The Bachelor. Should rename the show Another Part Of The "Carousel" Show.

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theWarrior 2 months ago

Simp factor! Point. Period. Paragraph. Never let a woman know that you love or need her. You dont need her. Once she knows that, your days are numbered. Indifference is what she needed. At this point, she REALLY believes in her mind that she can do better now that she has a little 15 mins of fame. Her wall cometh. hehehehehe -the Warrior

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LongRedRoad 2 months ago

can you say SIMP? lol

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