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The Anti-MGTOW Theme

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Published on 11 Oct 2020 / In Other

⁣This is my personal theme for the Anti-MGTOW Movement that also includes my philosophy of ethocentrism (NOT ethnocentrism). It is the idea that man should make ethics the center of his life and focus on serving the bests interests of the community while putting less emphasis on himself.

These are the 4 core beliefs of my Anti-MGTOW philosophy help a person become the best version of themselves if they have good morals:
L - Logic and reliable sources make great arguments
O - Opportunity for reform exists because people have free will
V - Vocations should do something that benefits humanity
E - Empathy towards others opens a door for education and discussion

While I believe there are some important ideas in my philosophy, one does not have to follow any of this to be an Anti-MGTOW. This is not the official philosophy of the Anti-MGTOW Movement but this is my personal philosophy that I'm currently developing. In a future video, I will have a more fully developed Anti-MGTOW philosophy nailed down.

Disclaimer: I am not the composer or owner of the music track used in this video. The music selected to be the theme music of this video is not an endorsement by the piece's composer of the Anti-MGTOW movement or this channel's content.

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Hegge 16 days ago


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jt98x 12 days ago

I think anti-mgtow is very miniscule compared to mgtow. mgtow is small but anti-mgtow is smaller.

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AntiCuck1982 17 days ago

Deus Vulva! ... err.. i mean vult!

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