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Published on 28 Oct 2020 / In People & Blogs

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Laura Bates on extreme misogyny groups online. Women and debt. Rheumatoid

Tsunami Hits Thailand

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from Mr. Anonymous and here's what he has to say: "Hi Sandman, I’m donating because you broke and chuckled after a joke about red snappers. I admire your work ethic, I’d like to remain anonymous. Have a great day!" Well Mr. Anonymous thanks for the donation and I'm sure you'll like this topic. A while back I was mentioned in an article in the UK in the Guardian discussing the ninety million views I racked up on YouTube and it was obviously said to bring attention to me so I would get banned. I figure I might as well research the woman that wrote about me and why she thinks I hate women. Someone sent me a 45 minute long podcast called woman's hour where Laura the author of the original article speaks about her experiences going undercover as a feminist in the manosphere for 18 months as a young man known as Alex and now she's written a book called Men Who hate women. For the first sixteen and a half minutes of this anti-man podcast from the BBC they discuss how debt among especially young women is rising. They say that being female makes you more vulnerable to debt because women are parents and have children. But what about the father and the alimony and child support payments the woman receives if she's a single mother? They also blame ad companies using influencers to normalize debt in advertising. What they are implying is that women are easy to control like a herd if they see someone else with higher status doing something irresponsible. They are likely to do the same and follow their lead. The first segment in the podcast is about how women are being taken advantage of by being tricked into taking more debt then men. In the buy now pay later. But it's not completely their fault. Anna 18 took credit cards out and had good intentions to pay everything back but also thought of it was free money. She says she was impressionable at the age of 18. You can hear her smiling while saying that on the podcast. The host asks where the responsibility lands. She says that the people lending the money should be making it more obvious how they make their money. She says it in a big nervous flow of verbal diarrhea. All I could think was that bullshit baffles the brain and that's what she was intending on doing. She says that companies need to promoting financial literacy. Sure like that's going to happen. Anyways, that's not what I wanted to focus on. I wanted to focus on what Laura Bates has to say and I will in just a moment but let me first tell everyone about today's sponsor Surviving 4th Wave Feminism: Anyways, now back to the video. Just so everyone knows where I'm getting my information a put a link in the description to that BBC podcast. Laura says that she started her research and something called the Everyday Sexist Project because she's a feminist. She says that for the longest time she didn't want to talk about the manosphere groups and give them publicity. Then she complains that there is no real great awareness of men in the manosphere by people in the general public. You can't have it both ways. You can't promote that the mainstream media ignore MGTOW and the manosphere and then say there needs to be more awareness.

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Sentient_Of_Truth 3 months ago

vice president elderly Opera
who then dies from corona.

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If you so are in he marriage trap, make sure to sign your divorce papers are any other bogus legalese papers as TDC(Threat Duress Coercion)

   2    0

Don't fall for the MRA death sentence trap. That's like anarchy falling for the sovereign common law crap too rather than being socratic.

   2    0
demo 3 months ago

The traditional roles bullshit of the past is just another cage for men. The MRAs are chasing the booby prize, we where never in control (we are dumb workhorses).

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@demo: Fuck their traditions because MGTOW is unorthodox.

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MGTOW for immortally of men.

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Wolf178 3 months ago

A unbound man is a dangerous thing to them. They are panicking because they lost control of our chains and they know they can't get us under control again.

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Gfw5th 3 months ago

The thing about MGTOW and MRA's is that it's been around for centuries, just without a name. That's the thing about truth, it doesn't need propaganda or brainwashing to spread. People of even moderate intelligence will come to realize the truth just by observing the world around them. These young men in Britain may not be influenced by MRA or MGTOW, but just look around at all the thots and feminist lies and see them for what they are. Feminists see all men as having the intelligence of Homer Simpson, so are shocked to discover we don't need them to do our thinking for us. In their ind, men who think for themselves are "dangerous terrorists".

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