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The 2 sides to a 40 year old Youtuber I've encountered who has harased/cyberbullied me. On & offline


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Published on 28 Sep 2022 / In Other

Starring @MrFusionTV
(one way of his behavior vs another
He'll whine "context" here's the context he has been f** with me, picking at me, pretending to be in my city (to "meet up") he has made fun of my Emotional Service Animal in training to be a Service Dog (whos got Dr Papers) he has continually manipulated my by pretending to be "friendly" with me and lied to me that a 15 year old was in Icemans 18+ livestream (texted me his info and PO info and urged me to call) I did and find out later that is his version of a "troll" he is no harmless troll he is a MALICIOUS one.

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