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The 10 Dumbest Reactions to the Kung Flu (so far) | Popp Culture Uncensored

Terrence Popp
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Published on 27 Mar 2020 / In Comedy

⁣Everybody's been Kung Flu in-fighting and it's pathetic. The lamestream media just can't get over losing in 2016. They refuse to suck it up and act like adults for the sake of the human race. Now it's time to debunk more of their crap.

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AngryCoffee 7 months ago

A civil war is overdue that much I will say. Time to get evil.

   0    0
whyserenity 8 months ago

lets ship all leftists to china.

   0    0
AngryCoffee 7 months ago

I would rather use the entire Earths military might and end them once and for all.

   0    0
Grim Lord's Games & Rants

Thanks so much for posting here, we need to bring more MGTOW to this site and away from YouTube. It is clear that YouTube doesn't want us, so this site is our best bet!

   0    0

Beware of reverse loans! NEVER TOUCH THOSE!!!

   0    0

I take kratom, it naturally has chloroquine in it.

   0    0

Thank you Terrence for supporting the Corona Mexican beer business. You are a great man.

   0    0

I'm still healthy.

   0    0
UnwillingVillian 8 months ago

Referring to the rack @ the end, I wonder how much her ex husband paid for those?

   0    0
JDWolf 8 months ago

Brilliant Popp! I look foreword to your videos more than any other Youtuber. If fact I now watch your vids exclusively on MGTOW.TV! The truth never looked so good and neither does the diles and pegs. What am I saying, most men are tit men and some are ass men. I'm a vagina man myself but I do like a nice ass if I can't get a good look at the vag. Keep em coming!

   0    0
Philip Hannum
Philip Hannum 8 months ago

Nicely done, so glad to get a different view of things.

   1    0
prime13 8 months ago

pops u are a true light in many respects i introduced my dad to ur channel is now a great big fan

   1    0
bandersnatch45 8 months ago

My fave: General Tso's Revenge.

   1    0
kantokuri 8 months ago

Best one yet!

   1    0
Litos 8 months ago

If you guys are wondering about the credits in the youtube version as I was: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V81aHaRxC7s

   1    0
Codexman 8 months ago

Popp I love the way you slice and dice stupidity. I really hope after this one blows over that the fucking politicians start to understand that you gotta take back your critical infrastructure and keep it at home. Medical shit needs to stay home. Oh yes and people need to be better educated to detect bullshit.

   1    0
Subverted Group
Subverted Group 8 months ago

I'll ask this question here, since no one wants to touch it on BitChute (let alone YouTube, which deletes it automatically):

Are those factories in China making electronic devices for Apple (iWhatever) using child labor shut down because of CoronaVirus or do the children have to continue working while they're sick?

Which brings up another question automatically down the road as Americans buy them again... reinfection, maybe? You hold that darned thing on your face next to your ear. At least use nitrile gloves to open the package and use antibiotic cleaner before you go to use the bloody thing.

What do you think?

   2    0
BH206L3 8 months ago

Wisdom from General Jack Ripper!

   1    0
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