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Thankfulness (RED PILL)

Chad Hart
Chad Hart
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Published on 10 Apr 2020 / In Film & Animation

⁣Thankfulness is something most women today have no idea about. Are you
thankful? What for? If you've been through a divorce be thankful you
don't live with that lying witch anymore. Have you lost a job? Be
thankful that now you can get a new, better one. Avoid unthankful women
and unthankful ppl in general, it will have tremendous positive effects
on your life.

...and for those interested check out my Bible teaching pages where the
Word of God is opened up and explained as clear as day that those who
want to understand can. Let your red pill adventure continue:

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Derico Suave
Derico Suave 5 months ago

I´m thankful for guys like you making these videos

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