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TFM the FDM DM: Filament Follow-up and FDM Slicing Tips

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Published on 13 Apr 2024 / In How-to & Style

The things I'll be covering in this video are:

- How painting a FDM miniature goes a long way to making the miniature perfectly acceptable for tabletop gaming, especially at arm's length.
- How to slice your STL files for FDM printing to ensure the least amount of support marks (i.e. Nurgle pimples), prevent failed prints, and scale.

If this is something you enjoy, let me know. We all need a break sometimes.

background music: "Prophet 7", "Kid SOS", "MydNyte", "Shredded aka Full Circle", and "True Art Real Affection" by Noir Et Blanc Vie. Courtesy of the YouTube Audio Library.

I don't have any links to any of the products shown. Just go to Walmart.

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